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Watch this video to learn about David S. Bouschor, II and his law firm as he talks about the foundations of his firm and the various types of services he offers to his clients.

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Our firm, in the area of family law, handles divorces. We handle modification of SAPCR suits, and that’s a suit affecting parent/child relationship, and that is a type of suit where if somebody was divorced or became a parent of a child and the child hasn’t turned 18 or graduated from high school yet.

What we’ve really centered on are family issues and people’s lives whether you’re dealing with a divorce that’s involving children or whether you’re dealing with a guardianship that’s involving grandparents.

Well, my office is in a house that was originally built in the late 1880s. It was a old farmhouse that was originally built by the Evers. The Evers were a well-known family that had a dry goods store in town and on the square, and we are about two blocks off the square. So even though when it was built I’m sure it was out in the country, they could walk to work.