What makes your firm different from others?

Dallas, TX trial attorney Warren Burns talks about what’s different about working with his firm.

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Well, I think a lot of clients come in the door and they want to know what makes your firm different. What makes you stand out? In my experience, there are a few things that really stand out about Burns Charest. First is that, look, we’re young. We’re aggressive. We want to go to battle for our clients.

We want to take their cases to trial. We want to see them win. Because oftentimes, we’re in the trenches with them. We’re aligned. We all want to win. And that’s important. I think that’s something that is unique and sets us apart.

It feeds into the second point, which is really, we have the ability to be creative: creative in our fee agreements, creative in our approach to law, efficient in ways that large behemoth firms can’t, and a little bit light on our feet so that we can both anticipate things that are coming up in trial that we have to deal with as well as pursue the strategies that we map out from the beginning.

I think the final point that I’d make is, look, this is a very, very special place. And I think it’s one that – or it’s a sense that our clients feel from day one. There’s a camaraderie in this firm that is very unique. I wake up and go to work every day with my best friends, folks that I’ve known for over a decade. Folks that I went to law school with. We have created an amazing place. And one that our employees, our associates all love and are dedicated to. That is rare in my experience. But it’s something that our clients benefit from. And something that really defines us at Burns Charest.