EpiPen Price Fixing Case

Dallas, TX trial attorney Warren Burns talks about a specific case he took on.

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So, one of the things that I’m most proud about of this firm and the work we do is that we are involved, frankly, in cases that matter, not just to me, not just to my clients, but to our country as a whole. And really underscore the important work that lawyers do in this country and why the type of cases we do, large class actions we do, large complex cases we do, matter. Right now, I serve as co-league counsel in a class action that’s set up in Kansas that we’ve brought on behalf of Americans with allergies against the manufacturer and the distributor of EpiPen. Now, this is a case that is just – that is underpinned with about every stereotype of greed and unfortunate corporate behavior that you can imagine. This is a product that costs less than $10 to produce. That the manufacturer and distributor of the product nevertheless ramped the price up from $100 to $600 over the course of years for no good reason other than corporate profit.

We have seen this play out too many times in America. Whether it’s the pharma bro and the shenanigans they did with drugs in that case, in the Turing case. Or with this EpiPen. It’s just gouging the American public because it’s an opportunity to make money. So, I’m incredibly proud of the work we’re doing in that case. It’s a case that involves very, very complex claims: monopoly claims, price-fixing claims, federal racketeering claims. All against two of the largest and well-funded defendants in the country.

But we’re fighting. We’re fighting every day in that case to get some justice for American consumers. And probably most importantly, to make sure this type of stuff comes to an end. The corporate wrong-doers know that there is a consequence for this type of behavior when it’s visited on the American public.