In what areas does the firm focus its practice?

Dallas, TX trial attorney Warren Burns talks about the different types of areas he focuses on in his practice.

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Well, another thing that defines us as a firm is, we may have areas of practice on the website, but in reality, we’re a trial firm. We pride ourselves on being able to mold our capabilities and our personnel to whatever case comes in the door. Now, having said that, we have deep experience and a deep bench in a number of areas. First, certainly, and speaking a lot of my own experiences on the antitrust side, I have been lead counsel in a number of cases around the country where we are pursuing both price-fixing claims, monopolization claims, claims related generally to unfair competition. And we currently serve in a number of lead counsel positions around the country in those cases.

We have also taken the lead in many national class actions that involve both consumer claims and other business claims. Most recently, we have represented a class of dentists in a dispute against 3M up in Minnesota, where we serve as lead counsel and lead a team up there that’s pursuing these claims. In addition to broadly, the antitrust and class action practice, we have a very significant foothold in complex commercial cases. Now, these range in size and character. We have sued accountants on behalf of major corporations for accounting malpractice. We have taken pretty much simple or complex, I should say, breach of contract cases and commercial disputes to trial on behalf of our clients. And we are generally pursuing those types of claims on a day-to-day basis around the country.

In addition, we have a pretty significant footprint in the energy practice. That practice primarily held by my partner, Dan Charest. We largely have represented – well, actually a variety of clients over time. Both royalty owners who are seeking fair compensation under their agreements with operators and other parties. We’ve also represented oil and gas companies in disputes they’ve had with various entities in the industry. It’s a very significant practice for us and one that we’re committed to.

Finally, we have definitely pursued claims on behalf of thousands of Americans around the country and in its territories in mass tort cases. Those cases, as you can imagine, involve a lot of different injuries. We’ve represented hundreds of individuals in the Virgin Islands who were exposed to asbestos during their working careers. We represent, currently, hundreds of women across the country who were exposed to talcum powder and other constituents of that powder, which led to their ovarian cancers. So, on a day-to-day basis, we’re working with hundreds of clients around the country and trying to do the best we can by them.