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Watch this compilation video showcasing attorneys Warren Burns and Daniel Charest as they address what it’s like to work with their firm as well as the areas of law they practice in.

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Warren Burns: We may have areas of practice on the website, but in reality, we’re a trial firm. We pride ourselves on being able to mold our capabilities and our personnel to whatever case comes in the door. Now, having said that, we have deep experience and a deep bench in a number of areas.

Daniel Charest: We have a hybrid, in a way, of people who are qualified to do work at the best firms. You know, the typical type of firms you’d think of as these really big an law type of firms. But we’re small enough and dynamic enough to give each individual client real, personalized service. So, you get, in my view, the best of both worlds.

Warren Burns: We want to go to battle for our clients. We want to take their cases to trial. We want to see them win. Because oftentimes, we’re in the trenches with them. We’re aligned. We all want to win. And that’s important. I think that’s something that’s unique and sets us apart. It feeds into the second point which is, really, we have the ability to be creative. Creative in our fee agreements, creative in our approach to the law.

Daniel Charest: You don’t want to have a law firm that is going to tell you, “We’re going to turn over every stone and leave nothing uncovered.” From my perspective, because whether you’re the plaintiff and you want to ultimately get to the trial, which is the goal, to get to the win. Or, you’re the defendant and you want to have an efficient practice, either way, we bring efficiency and an effective approach to the litigation.