Meet Jeff Tillotson

This compilation video features trial attorney Jeff Tillotson as he talks about his passion for practicing as a lawyer as well as his techniques for creating an effective argument for trial in different cases.

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What drives us, what makes us successful, what makes us come to work and do the things necessary to win it’s a passion for the clients. We learn our client’s stories, our client’s case, what they’re looking to do, and what they hope to accomplish through the trial or through their litigation.

I’ve been litigating for over 30 years and have had lots of experience with clients and represented lots of people but one of the most rewarding things I’ve ever done was my service and has been my service on the Parkland Hospital Board here in Dallas. It’s our county hospital. We saw over one million patient visits last year alone servicing the community, those truly in need.

One of the top traits that successful trial lawyers have and that we hope to be able to emulate over and over is the ability to hold the juror’s attention and help them understand your client’s story whether it’s their particular claim or their particular defense. Educating jurors, keeping them interested, and helping them connect the dots not just from A to B but from A to Z over the course of a cases is what allows us to be successful in the courtroom.

The number one thing I tell clients is don’t be scared of the process, learn to embrace it. Litigation is a process it is not a unique thing and clients need to learn and get comfortable with that process. Hopefully, we guide them through it. I’ll tell you something else I tell all clients particularly older clients, particularly those with a bit of money, don’t hide your will, tell everyone what you’re going to do.