Tell us about any honors and awards you have and what they mean.

Dallas, TX trial attorney Jeff Tillotson talks about the massive amount of awards lists there are today for attorneys and how it somehow does the opposite of what it’s intended to do.

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My current view is that the legal profession is sort of suffering from honor mania. There are so many lists of lists of best and top and super thrown about that in some ways they’ve lost some meaning. For over 20 years now, for example, I’ve been on every list you can imagine from super lawyers to top lawyers in my town to dragon 500. I’d like to say at one point I was 40 Under 40, I no longer qualify for that designation.

I think the two for me that most stand out because they’re the ones that are hard to be recognized for anything other than merit are my Chambers designation, which is a leading publication who interviews your opposing lawyers and your clients to rank you. And I have one of the top designations in Chambers. And also, the book Best Lawyers in America, which truly is or tries to be a _____ of those lawyers that the profession feels are the leading alliance and I’ve been honored to be part of that as well.