AT&T Beats the FTC

Dallas, TX trial attorney Jeff Tillotson talks about a significant case he was a part of.

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Lots of clients wind up at our law firm because not because they want to try a case but because they’re being forced to. The AT&T, FTC case was just such a case. AT&T would have loved to try and resolve the case and did try and resolve the case but the government, the FTC agency gave no ground and literally was seeking a repayment of four and a half billion dollars. So AT&T had no choice but to try it. And we approached it that way through relentless preparation through me and team we had, which was an excellent team. carefully dissecting the government and putting the government to their reproof.

We also worked very hard at exposing the weaknesses in the government’s case and showing those to the court. The end result was the trial judge ruled in our favor on the vast bulk of the case and after that ruling the FTC literally walked away meaning they dropped all the remaining claims and nonsuited and dismissed their case. One of the really most satisfying wins I’ve had in my career.