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This brief compilation video features trial attorney Jeff Tillotson as he talks about what makes a successful trial lawyer.

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We’re a trial team. By that I mean it’s not a group of lawyers doing different things but a dedicated team who handles a series of cases for clients in a very dedicated team like way.

The number one rule for being successful in the courtroom is preparation. Knowing the facts, knowing the client’s case, knowing the arguments you want to make, and being able to present them in the most persuasive fashion takes tremendous preparation.

But second and also equally important is experience. Having been there, having done it, and knowing when to push and when to pull are key traits of a successful trial lawyer, traits we have.

The number one thing that clients need and should look for is has that lawyer done that particular thing before, had they been hired on the fly to take over a case. It is a skill that is acquired and learned, it’s not something that’s inherent in lawyers. Look for someone who’s done it before and someone who’s been successful at doing it before.