Trade Secret Litigation

Dallas, TX trial attorney Dave Wishnew talks trade secret litigation.

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I’ve handled a number of trade secret cases tremendously challenging and interesting cases. In one case a few years ago, I represented a service provider for a national retailer that we’d all know. And that service provider client of mine built a software program based on its internal processes, its business methods, the way it did its business and what it learned was this program could help its clients and it began marketing that program to its clients. And it gave this would soon to be defendant an opportunity to have a free trial of the program. And that customer liked the program so much it decided to reverse engineer it and duplicate the program and create one of their own.

We sued the customer and we litigated against big law for a couple years. And at the eleventh hour and at the doorstep of trial we settled I’d say very favorably for my client. And that clients remains a client today, close friends like many of our clients become close friends and we serve as an outside general counsel for their business and try to protect them like we protect all our clients.