The Case of the Defecting Employees

Dallas, TX trial attorney Dave Wishnew talks about a specific case he remembers that stands out.

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Non-compete cases have been an expertise of mine for several years. I learned from one of the best. And these cases non-compete theft of trade secrets the departing employee case often last a very short time; 30, 60, 90 days before most of those cases are resolved. We had a case last year in which 16 executives and high-ranking employees defected from one company to another and doing it over a period of a time and in way to avoid their post-employment obligations not to hire their former employer’s employees. Through an anonymous tip from an employee of the new employer, my client learned of this charade and also learned that some of those employees had taken tremendous amounts of confidential information. We filed suit and in a very short amount of time obtained an injunction, a court order preventing the bad conduct. And we were able to settle the case very favorably with a very large check to my client.