Meet Dave Wishnew

This brief introduction video features trial attorney Dave Wishnew as he talks about growing up wanting to be a lawyer and certain advice he thinks everyone should know when working with an attorney.

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My father was a lawyer and he taught me the importance of people and your relationships with people and how you treat people and that people want to do business with who they like and who they trust. My dad taught me the value of preparation and that there’s no substitute for hard work and preparation and whether it’s in the law or in any other business. So I was fortunate to have a family that is supportive of me throughout the years. While I lost my dad while I was in high school I’d like to think I’m following in his footsteps.

You want an advocate that is going to out prepare the other side. You want an advocate that feels that winning for their client is everything and that it is as if it’s your own life. I try to treat my clients as if it was my mother or my brother or my sister and treat them with that same level of care that I would if it were a family member as a client.