Why and how do you win cases?

This video features trial attorneys Warren Burns and Daniel Charest as they talk about their methods for trying cases and how to achieve successful results.

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I think our strength is that when we sit down with a set of facts in front of us just a client comes in and pours out the details of here’s what I think what happened to me. With an honest client that has access to information the best that you can you can draw from that interview the information you need to determine what the core issues in the case are going to be. And you could probably think of a dozen different causes of action you might have but you’re sure going to see one or two that are very solid or the most legitimate ones. And our focus is on getting from the first interview to a win at trial.

We are not a firm that litigates cases we are a trial firm that’s our focus. Now ultimately, if you go in with that focus then you often are able to resolve cases short of trial. But it’s that singular focus that sets us apart and allows us to achieve great success on behalf of our clients.

It informs practically everything we do in litigation from our approach to discovery and really focusing on what’s needed for the case not what all we can get. Our approach to depositions where we are not out on what the defendants like to call a fishing expedition.

You lose credibility, you waste time, and you lose focus if you do all these ancillary things. So for me, it’s about focus but the way you know what it is and what to focus on is through your experience and through your intelligence, frankly, of being able to sort of understand what the law is. You don’t know what the law is every time so learning what the law is, learning the facts, and then applying that and making a plan and executing a plan.

If you go into a case with that mindset it’s going to set you apart from the other side, it’s going to benefit your clients, it’s going to get you to a better position when you actually walk in the courtroom doors. But even if you don’t make it that far you’re going to be in a far better position when you’re sitting around a mediation table and trying to work through the dispute sort of trial.

So that is what really sets apart, it’s what really helps us win, it’s really why we win our cases.