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This brief introduction video features trial attorney Daniel Charest as he talks about his passion for working in law, his background and his usual process for achieving successful results.

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My dad was a ship captain and so I went to sea just like he did and saw the world on oil tankers. And while that doesn’t at all really, relate to the practice of the law I would tell you what it does do. It showed me that there is no level of work that’s too much. You’re going to get it done. Those are really demanding jobs. A lot of hours a lot of work.

Seeing my advice or our collective work effort yield real changes in a client’s life whether it’s an individual that had some sort of personal injury and we do some of that on the mass tort side. Or a company that comes to you with this business relationship that’s just broken.

You’ll be shocked to see, you would be shocked to see, I think, how many people try and wing it or don’t know the facts or you have some sort of situation where a younger lawyer did all the work and then the senior lawyer shows up for the hearing. Or some trail specialist within a big firm floats around and shows up for the trial after having done none of the work in the discovery. And that disconnect shows. But if you’re the one that’s doing the work and you understand the case from the beginning, you’re the one that grew this thing up, and you’re now here to present it to the people if you’re the person that knows the most about the case you will speak about that case from a position of authority and intelligence. And to be able to explain because you’ve had to deal with all those issues.