What level of service can I expect from the firm?

Dallas, TX trial attorney Daniel Charest talks about what clients can expect when working with his firm.

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I think any client when you’re thinking about in terms of the service level should expect complete and good full service. But this particular firm, I think, delivers in a way that most firms can’t. We have a hybrid in a way of people who are qualified to do work at the best firms you know the typically type of firms you’d think of as these really big _____ law type firms but were small enough and dynamic enough to give each individual client real personalized service so you get, in my view, the best of both worlds. Where it’s the high level thinking, the effort, proven lawyers with good track records both academically and professionally that you want but the bespoke nature of a small firm that really values the relationship with that particular client and gets to know that particular clients needs intimately. So it brings both aspects together in my mind.