What should I look for in hiring a trial lawyer?

Dallas, TX trial attorney Daniel Charest talks about what someone should look for when looking to hire a trial attorney.

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When you think about hiring trial counsel when I was a younger lawyer, I use to think that plaintiff’s and defendants would look for different things and maybe they still do in some regard. But ultimately, what I tell clients about what we bring to the table and I think is one of our biggest selling points is you don’t want to have a law firm that is going to tell oh, we’re going to turn over every stone and leave nothing uncovered from my perspective. Because whether you’re the plaintiff and you want to ultimately get to the trial, which is the goal to get to the win or you’re the defendant and you want to have an efficient practice, either way, we bring efficiency and an effective approach to the litigation.

Specifically, what I mean by that, is rather than turning over every stone we, from the beginning, chart our course as to how we think we’re going to get to the end, to the win, and follow that path. And of course, along the way it may deviate, right, you may learn some information that makes you change and fix. But it’s not this shotgun approach try everything and see what works. Its think from the beginning, have a plan, execute on the plan and to me, that’s what people should be looking for and that’s what we do. That’s exactly what we do.