A Case of Business Fraud

Dallas, TX probate attorney Michael Lang talks about a specific case he remembers.

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I had a case in the northern district of Texas I got brought in January I can’t remember if it was ’12 or ’13 in a case that was going to trial that year. We had not taken any depositions. Took 26 depositions out of state and out of town and basically it involved a partnership dispute where a company owned 25 percent of huge swath land in south Louisiana. Our clients wanted to get out and wanted to jointly sell it. The defendants said that they were going to hold it for five years and develop the property. Within a week of our clients saying that they wanted to get out of it, the defendants went to Apache and negotiated a side deal. They bought our clients interest for $150 million and three days later closed on a 100 percent for $300 million. So we took the case to trial and they wrote a pretty big check right after we picked the jury.