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Watch this brief introduction video to family law attorney Lisa E. McKnight as she discusses the uniqueness of her firm and the various services the firm offers.

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We’re a family law boutique, which means we offer all services related to family law that includes divorce, child custody, visitation disputes, property agreements, postnups, prenups. Anything related to family law we do including stepparent adoptions.

We work as a team on each individual case. We meet together we talk about strategy. Each team member has a special skill and we try to assign the person that’s the best skillset for that particular task to work on the case. And it also saves the client money so you’re to paying a lawyer at X rate when there’s another team member who can do something at a lower rate.

I do some online research. I check my referrals. I start with my personal referrals and then I look online, research the individual lawyer, look for any bar complaints, lawsuits that are online. Meet with the lawyer, see if there’s a chemistry and a personal fit not every lawyer’s meant for every client and make a decision based on your instincts.