What other types of federal fraud cases do you see most often in your practice?

Dallas criminal defense attorney, John Teakell, explains how mail fraud is often used by prosecutors. Mail fraud is a type of scheme or set of representations to defraud someone using the US postal service or a common carrier.

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For many years, one of the main stay cases or charges rather that you see the US Attorney’s office use for federal charges, federal prosecutions is mail fraud. There is nothing magical about the term mail fraud, because people hear about it and they are intrigued and they don’t know what it is. But when you boil it down, mail fraud is a, any type of scheme or set of misrepresentations to defraud something or someone using the US Mail system to further that. In other words, if you mailed something that would enable that scheme or you caused someone to mail a check to you the, pursuant to your misrepresentations and that could be mail fraud. Several years ago, the requirement of the US Mails was broadened to common carriers so now, if you cause someone or you use it yourself, if you are making the misrepresentations to use Fed Ex, UPS, any other kind of carrier like that as opposed to the mail system in the US postal system specifically, those can suffice for the elements of the crime. Also, wire fraud applies, that’s a mainstay, has been, still is, the difference there between that and mail fraud is mail fraud is wire communications. It used to be more commonly TV, radio, as an example.

What you see today, and you have the last few years that there sent decades ago was email communications. That’s very common, text, things like that, media.