What is a threatening communications charge in the federal system?

Dallas criminal defense attorney, John Teakell, explains how mailing threatening letters and emails can result in a criminal charge.

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A threatening communications charge is one of several threatening communications statues used in the federal system to prosecute someone who is making extortionate request or threats or attempting to do so to gain an advantage whether it’s economically or just to gain some other advantage and there has got to be some sort of use of the communication to justify the prosecution in the federal system for federal jurisdiction, male or a wire communication. Today you’ll see what you didn’t years ago, the use or computer email, text, some sort of media to transmit that communication. Now people may think initially when they hear the term threatening communication you may think of a threat of violence. It does not have to be a threat of violence. It could be a threat of economic harm or the person gaining an advantage over the other person in some way, even if the person uses the threat of going to law enforcement, for a legitimate claim against the person or a legitimate police report, a legitimate criminal activity that was perpetrated against them, if they, a person tries to use that to obtain something of economic advantage or in some other way exchange something for that then they could be subject to being prosecuted for an extortionate threatening communication.