What does reasonable foreseeability have to do with conspiracy?

Dallas criminal defense attorney, John Teakell, explains how a lessor-involved perpetrator can be charged with conspiracy if they knew with reasonable foreseeability what would happen.

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A co-conspirator even if they are much less involved than other co-conspirators generally are or can be deemed to be responsible for the acts of the co-conspirators regarding whether they are guilty or not of the charge of a conspiracy. Reasonable foreseeability comes into play in regard to sentencing in the federal system under the sentencing guidelines because that determines or can determine the level of sentence that you get, in other words, if the quantity involved was reasonably foreseeable that the conspiracy was going to go on and distribute a multi-kilo levels you could be deemed to be responsible even if you were a much lower player than the people who organized the conspiracy, same thing regarding a fraud case.

If you had a portion of the participation in the fraud scheme, the conspiracy and you are deemed to be dollar wise just as culpable as the people at the top then of course you can object and try to litigate that sentencing.