What does conspiracy mean for defendants?

Dallas criminal defense attorney, John Teakell, discusses how paper evidence, emails, texts, and other media communication can provide evidence for conspiracy.

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A defendant who finds himself indicted for conspiracy just like any case has to determine whether or not the government has the evidence against him and it would be paper evidence. It could be telephone records, email, text, things you didn’t have 20, 30 years ago, emails, text, any kind of media communication. And once you determine if it is a good case against you versus a trial you can see whether it’s a damage control situation versus I’m going to go to trial because again, there are varying levels of culpability within a conspiracy. The other key point regarding conspiracy and levels of culpability and the federal system relates to sentencing, those that are more culpable even though you may be just as guilty as the person for the charge of conspiracy the break down is going to be between what degree of money or what degree of quantity of substance you will be responsible for versus the people at the top.