What are some common allegations with regard to unauthorized computer access?

Dallas criminal defense attorney, John Teakell, explains how former employees with access to their old employer’s system are often charged with crimes if they abuse their access to the information.

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What you’ll see a lot of times is a person who used to work for the company or has some connect with the company who obtains passwords, entry into the system and obtains something of value or something that was left at the company that they weren’t supposed to access anymore. If you don’t see that you will often or sometimes then see someone who obtains access into the system whether it’s by obtaining a password or an entry that they are not supposed to have or not supposed to have anymore. Or if they just hack into a system and destroy files or something of that nature. There is actually a separate code in the federal system for using or implanting or transmitting a malicious code which would destroy a computer system a computer network, or destroy certain files within that system.