Is it considered a crime of tax evasion if I file a false tax return?

Dallas criminal defense attorney, John Teakell, discusses how failing to file a tax return, filing a false tax return, and tax evasion are commonly charged federal tax crimes.

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It can be, the charges you usually see in federal court for tax crimes are tax evasion, filing a false tax return or failing to file a tax return. You will often see people who are prosecuted for tax evasion if they have filed their tax returns but yet they are knowingly withholding the amount of taxable income that they should have reported, in other words to lower their amount of taxes that they are responsible for. That can be filed as a filing of false tax return which often times the Department of Justice prosecutors use or the US Attorney’s office uses as opposed to tax evasion, either way, sometimes those charges are sometimes interchangeable. You see filing false tax returns or an conspiracy to do that or aiding and abetting a lot of times for tax preparation services when it appears or the allegations in the incitement are that they are on a whole sale basis getting people to file certain deductions that are bogus or creating deductions that are bogus or just lowing their tax deductible, the deductible taxes that they are not supposed to and often times you will see a filing false tax returns there as opposed to a tax evasion.