Do I need a lawyer to help me fight my federal drug trafficking charge?

Dallas criminal defense attorney, John Teakell, discusses the importance of having a lawyer for federal drug trafficking charges.

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Well, I think everyone is going to need an attorney whether they hire someone of their own choosing or not. Because, again, under the federal sentencing guidelines, any drug case if it is a good case against the defendant if you are found guilty even on a plea, a plea agreement versus a trial, you are still going to be looking at some significant time. It’s a question of how much, what your numbers are going to be, what the recommendation from the US attorney’s office is going to be, if you can get a reduction based on a downward departure, whether it’s from your own unique circumstances, or because of cooperation from the government. You are still looking at some sort of fairly significant time to do some incarceration if not a very significant time.