Are most of the computer crimes cases you see prosecuted on a Texas state level or a federal level?

Dallas criminal defense attorney, John Teakell, discusses federal computer crimes like hacking and malicious code.

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You see both. You are seeing a lot. You’ve seen a lot in the last handful of year prosecutions by the US Attorney’s offices for federal prosecutions for computer crimes, unauthorized use of a computer getting into a computer that you are not authorized to get into to obtain some proprietary information or to destroy something or to exceed your level of authorization. You sometimes. See that. You may be an employee of a company or a government entity and you have the access to a certain level, but the person exceeds that level of access authority and does something, whatever it is without the authority to do that you will sometimes see the malicious code prosecution, transmitting a malicious code in the federal system which means something was implanted to destroy the system or destroy files. In the state system you do see some of those things but not as much as you see federally.