How does relocation affect my visitation rights?

Corsicana, TX family law attorney, Sarah Clower Keathley talks about how relocation will affect your visitation rights.

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Relocation is an issue that is starting to become more prevalent in our community since people are moving more today than I’ve experienced in the past. In that light, what the courts want to do is maintain a relationship with the mother and the father and the children as best as possible. So if for example, the mother is in Navarro County the father has primary possession or custody of the child and the father and the child leave from our community then the court looks to the father to facilitate that visitation with the mother.

So what that means is that if dad moves to Dallas with the child, the child starts school in Dallas then either the parties will need to meet halfway or dad may need to drive the child to the mother for visitation and then the mother can return the child. So what we want to do is looking at through the eyes of the child try and maintain the relationship with each parent as best as possible while not penalizing the other parent especially if they’re moving for a job.

Now that being said, if a parent moves away to stop or thwart visitation with the other parent the court does not look favorably on that. And in certain instances, the court has mandated a change in conservatorship or a change in custody based on the fact of the parent moving without factoring in what is in the child’s best interest.