How should one go about hiring a lawyer -- What traits and experience should one look for?

Corsicana, TX family law attorney, Sarah Clower Keathley discusses what makes the best lawyer.

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In the family law setting, it’s very important that the attorney and the client have an understanding from the very beginning about what the client’s goals are. I have found over the years that in order for me to be effective and for my clients to have the satisfaction at the end of the case we both have to understand number one, what the client’s goals are and make sure that that is something that our firm will be able to offer for them. I insist that all of our representation begin, each time we represent a client we begin by having a consultation. And at that consultation, it does two things one, the client and myself we will meet and discuss the case and the facts and get a feel for each other.

But number two, I get to set some very important guidelines with my clients and the first is that if a problem can be resolved, if there is a meeting of the minds between the two parties then going to court and fighting and mudslinging and trying to bring all the dirty laundry out is not necessary. Because most of the time that is going to increase the price of litigation and that is going to damage the relationship between the parties, which ultimately, it going to make the resolution of the lawsuit more complicated, more costly and is going to make it more difficult and stressful on the client. So in the beginning I want to have a good understanding about what the client’s goals are.