What makes your firm different from other law firms?

Corsicana, TX family law attorney, Sarah Clower Keathley talks about why her firm stands out.

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Steve and I each have our individual caseloads but we also work very closely together with each other’s cases. So at any moment when an issue arises or a situation presents itself Steve and I can combine our efforts and our talents to work on a case. And that especially comes true when there are significant hearings or when our case go to trial because for the price of one lawyer you get two lawyers usually in the firm that are able to represent our clients to the best.

Also, in our firm we really focus on each client’s individual needs. Our mission in our law firm is saving lives one family at a time and we take that very, very seriously. When people present themselves into our office, more times than not there is much more going on than just the legal issue at hand and so what we like to do is try and figure out ultimately what really is going on.

For example, in a family case, obviously, there’s been a breakdown in consummation we’re going to be dissolving a partnership in essence and there might be children involved. I want to make sure that when this lawsuit is over and I retire the file that our clients understand that they have the best footing to go forward not only to start their lives over financial, emotionally but that a foundation has been laid so that if there are children that they can begin the process of as we say, co-parenting or working with the other parent to make sure that the children’s lives are not too adversely impacted by the separation.

On criminal cases, a lot of times there are outside factors that have resulted in a person being accused of a crime. There might be substance abuse issues, other family trauma, or problems going on and there might be problems with job or not having adequate support system. So we really want to get to know our client and see what resources are available to not only solve the legal probably at hand but also help our clients as they work through the litigation, finish the lawsuit, and then hopefully, start the next chapter of their lives.