What are grandparent and stepparent custody or visitation rights under Texas law?

Corsicana, TX family law attorney, Sarah Clower Keathley talks about the rights grandparents and stepparents get in custody and visitation under Texas law.

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In Texas, grandparents rights have been limited so unless the grandparents have had significant past contacts with the grandchild and another method to achieve grandparent access, if the grandparents have actually had custody for six months and at least one day of the grandchild then the grandparents can petition the court for conservatorship or access to the grandchildren. Stepparents it is under the same standard as a person having significant contacts with the child.

So if there’s a situation where a stepparent has raised the child for a significant amount of time and there’s going to be a dissolution of marriage and looking at it from the child’s eyes, if having that stepparent out of the child’s life would be harmful or disruptive to the child then that’s when it’s appropriate for that stepparent to petition to have a relationship, an ongoing relationship with that child. The courts look at it on a case-by-case basis there’s not any statutes that are directly on point for stepparent access but we group that into looking at people who have a significant past contacts with the child.