What factors do Texas courts look at in making custody and visitation decisions?

Corsicana, TX family law attorney, Sarah Clower Keathley talks about the main factors courts take into consideration when making custody and visitation decisions in child custody cases.

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Here in Navarro County we have two courts that a case could be in. One is our County Court at Law and the other one is our Thirteenth Judicial District Court. In those particular courts, each judge is an individual and here in Navarro County, each judge has a family, they have children. So the first thing that the judges are going to consider is ultimately, what is in the child’s best interest. When considering that we look at who has played the role that the child is used to in their day-to-day life? Who’s the nurturer? Who’s the primary caretaker? Who’s responsible for getting the children up, making sure that the homework is done, facilitating all the extracurricular activities.

And what’s very, very important from the beginning is identifying truthfully what role each parent plays and then showcasing that to the court. Where people run into problems is when they try and deemphasize the other parent’s role in raising the children. And what I found works best is when we’re honest and identify what each parent can do and how they provide what’s in the child’s best interest that’s what the courts want to hear and that’s how the courts usually rule.