Who should consider a prenuptial agreement?

Corsicana, TX family law attorney, Sarah Clower Keathley talks about who should consider a prenuptial agreement.

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I have had an influx of premarital or prenuptial agreements of late and I have found that whether you have money and assets or not it is a very healthy and positive way to start a relationship. Now a few people are pessimistic about it because they say if you’re getting married then why do you need to plan your divorce but I consider it as just another opportunity or tool in the tool chest that a family has when they start a relationship. When considering a prenuptial agreement the sky’s the limit. You can draft it however, you would like. Sometimes people want to identify property that they have and that they’ve had before the marriage and they may decide after counsel with attorney and a lot of thought that they want to make separate property into community property.

Or the parties may decide that they anticipate buying a house or buying a car or making a purchase during the course of the marriage so that property then would be community but then each party can decide beforehand that they want to make that community property into a separate property of one of the spouses. We can do the same thing with investment income, with other types of real estate or livestock. So there’s just a lot it just depends on the family and it depends on the situation. But I do not find it to be anything that’s immoral or impractical for the right family it is a very good way to plan an exit to their relationship in the event that there is a dissolution of marriage.