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Watch this brief introduction to Keathley & Keathley featuring attorneys Sarah Clower Keathley and her partner and husband Steve Keathley.

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Our firm started in 1999 where Steve and I decided to join forces together and practice law in the same building. Since 1999, we have what I call a general community practice.

We offer kind of a focus in family law and criminal law those are Sarah and my focus and have been so for the past, gosh, almost 20 years. We also do a little bit of real estate.

For the price of one lawyer, you get two lawyers usually in the firm that are able to represent our clients to the best. Also, in our firm we really focus on each client’s individual needs. Our mission and our law firm is saving lives one family at a time.

If it’s a criminal case I always advise, certainly, trust your lawyer, try not to make statements to law enforcement you know with the assumption that you’re going to talk your way out of something have your lawyers involved. Of family law cases, I would say stay calm and start documenting everything that’s happened so far.