What if I refuse to take a breath or blood test?

Corsicana, TX criminal defense attorney, Steve Keathley talks about what happens to you if you refuse to take a breath or blood test when arrested for a DWI.

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A refusal of a breath or a blood test may or may not get you arrested. Depending on what the level of the investigation and how much the officer has delved into your individual circumstances but I’d say for the most part once you refuse a breath or a blood test you’ll most likely be arrested. Long-term consequence will be that your license will most likely be suspended by the Department of Public Safety if you’ve got a Texas driver’s license. Then the more immediate ramifications involving the investigation is under most circumstances the officer making the arrest or the officer that has received your refusal will then search or seek out or try to procure and avadavat to have your blood seized or drawn and seized and by a phlebotomist. And take it by using the processes and the power of a search warrant and so that is what typically will happen.