What are the levels of DWI under Texas law?

Corsicana, TX criminal defense attorney, Steve Keathley talks about the levels of DWI under Texas law.

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Well, the general level that I would say most people are familiar with the general public or God forbid if you’ve had a circumstance with a family member or a friend or you personally yourself. Typically, people understand that they are misdemeanors and punished at a misdemeanor level that being the lowest form or one of the lowest forms of criminal responsibility in Texas law. A second DUI will raise you still in the misdemeanor realm of a punishment but with more severe consequences that will come into play like mandatory jail time, ignition interlocks on your vehicle, more ramifications of lengthening time of license suspension, and a number of other negative consequences.

If you’ve been accused of your third or more DUI then it starts getting into the very serious realm. All DUI accusations are serious but when it comes to severally or more dramatically affect your liberty or potential more damaging outcome for the individual that’s when you’re talking about a third or more, which is punished as a third degree felony and that involves potentially incarceration in a Texas prison system. That’s where you really, really need to ratchet in and pay attention as in all levels of DUI, obviously, but the stakes are much higher at that level.