What is your experience in handling criminal sexual conduct cases?

Corsicana, TX criminal defense attorney, Steve Keathley talks about his overall experience handling criminal sexual conduct cases in his career.

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From when I kind of hit the ground running back in the early ’90s as a prosecutor you learn real quickly of the level of different, how serious these type of cases can be from an emotional standpoint, evidentiary as well for victims and for the persons accused. As a prosecutor quite a bit of dealings in these type of cases and trying to resolve successfully to see that justice was done. Then when I went to the defense side certainly people that are facing these types of accusations and bring that experience as a prosecutor to bear to make sure that I’ve got every tool, every weapon available. And experience to bring a successful resolution to my clients when they’re dealing with the most serious of all, one of the most serious of all type of accusations. It can be real difficult on a person, on a family, on potentially having their future held in limbo and so, it’s treated very, very seriously in this firm, as it should be in all aspects of this type of defense.