What defenses can I raise in a domestic assault case?

Corsicana, TX criminal defense attorney, Steve Keathley talks about the defenses one can raise in a domestic assault case.

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One thing you have to do from a practitioner of this aspect is get beyond the stereotype that, you know the traditional victim or the traditional perpetrator is something that always remains to be so. In small town Texas, there’s still a stigma that you fight of saying that a man may be abused by a woman or there may be some other circumstances that can rationally explain what is actually going on. So you need to think about potentially self-defense as to whether a person a man or a woman were defending them self against another person’s unwanted or unreasonable intrusion, a violent behavior. In those cases that the self-defense can be utilized very effectively as opposed to just saying okay, we have one person that’s been hit in the face or one person that some pain has been caused to them and so there’s no other aspects of these circumstances involving these two.

Quite often, you see family cases where you have circumstances involving confrontations amongst family members that can blossom or be blown into actual violence or accusations of violence. And those need to be handled with I’d say a certain extra quality of care because not only you’re dealing with a person’s liberty but you’re also in many times, not all the time but trying to preserve potential relationships. If the couple wants to maintain a family relationship and get back together maintain semblance of peace for family sake, kids or whatever. So those need to be treated with caution and care with a little bit of empath to both sides.