What advice do you have for someone accused of criminal sexual conduct?

Corsicana, TX criminal defense attorney, Steve Keathley gives his best advice for someone who is accused of criminal sexual conduct.

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Those can be very serious. I talked about murder cases earlier with you but other than the grabbing effect of the accusation of a murder case and then the severity, obviously, I don’t think there’s a more serious type of accusation, generally in Texas law. It certainly can lead to a person accused of this can lead to long term incarceration, it can lead to registration as an offender under most circumstances. It can lead to stigmatization from the society it can lead to loss of, certainly the loss of liberty but loss of standing and family as well. So there’s a very serious aspect when it comes to accusations of sexual assault.

So I guess the first thing is treat the accusation very seriously. Find a lawyer that is experienced in these type of accusations and dealing with these type of accusations and seek counsel immediately on how you’re going to wade through the many, many aspects of being properly prepared as to what type of strenuous endeavor you’re about to go through. And most factors are not going to be pleasant so you need to get mentally prepared, legally prepared, emotionally prepared to take on this daunting and unfortunate circumstance if you’re the one who’s been accused.