What is the most rewarding part of your law practice?

Minneapolis personal injury lawyer Bill Sieben tells about the most rewarding part of being a personal injury attorney.

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The successful cases that – what’s most rewarding about what I do are the successful cases where we can change people’s lives. When you have a catastrophically injured individual sometimes money isn’t going to change things for them, but it changes things for the wives, spouses, and the children of that person that’s no longer a productive part of the family because of a catastrophe. So it gives people a chance. It gets them back in a small way into the game, onto the playing field that they should be, rather than a devastating loss that puts them, often times, at the taxpayers’ mercy through welfare, Medicare, Medicaid when a breadwinner is taken away. That’s often times, unfortunately, where people have to go is to the taxpayers. When it was somebody else, not the taxpayers, that caused this catastrophe. So that’s what’s rewarding is changing people’s lives.