If you are considering an appeal, what should you focus on in the post-trial motions?

Minneapolis, MN appellate lawyer Kay Nord Hunt talks about what someone should focus on in the post-trial motions if considering an appeal.

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If you’re considering an appeal what you want to focus on in the post-trial motion is preserving whatever the issue is you think you want to raise on appeal. So for example, if the issue is one of trial procedure, that you believe that the trial court was wrong in admitting the evidence of the state trooper, for example, you want to make sure that you have preserved that issue by bringing a motion for a new trial and raising that issue again as error in order to preserve it. So what you’re looking at is you want to go through your record carefully and make sure that you are setting out for the trial court everything that you think that could possibly be an issue on appeal so that, one, you’re preserving it, but two, you know, you might have where the trial court may change its mind, so you know, that’s what you’re looking for.