What's the most rewarding aspect of your practice?

Mesa, AZ personal injury attorney Wes Wright talks about the most gratifying part of his job.

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Having someone come in and a situation that they simply have no clue where to go. They’ve got medical bills, they’ve got an injury that they might still be dealing with. They’re dealing with two insurance companies, their own and the other persons and they don’t know how to respond to questions, what sort of pitfalls to look for. And in that initial consultation answering all those questions, putting them at ease I always tell my clients the same thing, you have one thing to do for homework, get better. Get better as fast as you can and listen to your physicians, follow their instructions, and we’ll handle the rest.

Oftentimes you can literally see the weight lifted off their shoulder or shoulders rather and it’s gratifying to know when they come in my office they are frustrated and sometimes angry and when they leave my office, they’re put at ease knowing okay, all I need to worry about is making sure that I get better physically and Wes is going to handle the rest. And seeing that process through to the end is really gratifying.