How can I afford to hire a lawyer to help me get compensation for my injuries?

Mesa, AZ personal injury attorney Wes Wright explains how contingency fees work.

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Yes, that’s a question we hear often. A lot of the time we’ll hear it on the phone when somebody calls in, they say I’d like to have a consultation with an attorney how much is that going to cost me? In the personal injury context, it doesn’t cost them anything to have an initial consultation. We get paid based on a contingency fee. We don’t get paid unless the client gets paid. If we take an auto accident case, for example, and the case gets settled for $9,000.00 let’s say, our contingency fee is the standard one-third.

The other part of that that people don’t often think at the beginning but it comes up later on are the costs associated with the case. We will often hire experts in cases to give opinions. We may hire an accident reconstructionist, we may hire a biomechanical engineer or in the medical malpractice realm we definitely hire experts to give opinions regarding medical issues.

Our firm is set up in a way where we front those costs so our clients don’t have to come up with sometimes several thousand dollars to get expert opinions on issues regarding their case. Those costs are then reimbursed once the case is settled. Well, as you might imagine that’s a significant risk and we bear the risk of that for our clients during the case in the hopes and thankfully, it’s worked out that the reimbursement comes when the settlement is achieved or jury award is achieved.