How do you deal with difficult opposing counsel?

Mesa, AZ personal injury attorney Wes Wright talks about dealing with opposing counsel.

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Thankfully, our firm has a very good reputation in terms of relations with opposing counsel. We deal with a lot of the same attorneys and their offices over and over again in cases and so we’ve already have existing relationships with many of these attorneys. When an attorney on the other side starts throwing up obstacles, let’s say to get something done, we do our best to stay cordial and move things along. Keeping a crystal clear record of our communication so that if it ever gets to a judge, let’s say there’s some discovery issue happening where we can’t just get something scheduled, we have all the evidence we need to give to the judge to say your Honor, we have tried over and over again to work with this attorney to get this deposition, let’s say, scheduled and he just hasn’t got back to us or he’s thrown up obstacles to get this done. We need your help to get this resolved. The idea being you don’t want to bother the judge with things like this you want to be able to continue to work with opposing counsel and thankfully, just because the way we practice law it’s a rare issue with us. But when it happens, if it does, we know how to handle it.