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Mesa, AZ personal injury attorney Robert L. Greer talks about working for an insurance company and the insight it’s provided him with and how it applies to practicing law.

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Well for about 30 years most of my practice was involved working for insurance companies. I found that insurance adjusters, the people that are handling the claims are responsible for finding out what happened, assessing liability, determining whether to settle or not. By and large, those are very professional upright people. Now to be sure, they have an obligation not to overpay a claim and so they have to make sure they have all of the information necessary to evaluate it.

Because I was involved with the insurers in a risk analysis environment my job was to try to predict based upon all the information we had what a jury would do with a particular claim. And then based upon that prediction and range of potential risks to make recommendations with respect to settlement. What that did for me was to help me understand exactly what insurance companies need. To understand how they think and to understand the process by which they do internal analysis of information to decide whether to settle a case and for how much.

Because I have those defense credentials it gives me a certain amount of credibility when I’m talking to either an adjustor or a defense lawyer who knows that I know what they do and how they go about it and we can evaluate cases together.

It helps also to be able to talk to them without vilifying them. Too often lawyers tend to paint the other side as the dark force. Whether you’re on the defense or plaintiff the advocacy makes you see the other side as an enemy and that’s really not realistic. And as soon you understand what motivates the other side and what they need you can provide that information and arrive at some sort of a compromise where both people are equally unsatisfied but that avoids the risk of trial.