What's your approach to negotiating settlements?

Mesa, AZ personal injury attorney Matt Riggs talks about how they set up a case for trial.

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What we do to make sure that we get our clients the most money possible is we begin from the moment they walk into our office assuming that we are going to take this case to trial. And so, we prepare the case from day one as if it’s going to trial. We hire the necessary expert witnesses, we do the necessary investigations, we have a private investigator that we work with on a regular basis who investigates deep into the cases when needed. And then, because we set up the case so well the insurance company knows if we go to trial, not only we will win but we will get a high verdict from the jury. And because of that, our cases end up settling. That’s our best negotiation strategy is setting up the case well for trial. It’s not anything to do with our prowess as being great negotiators it has everything to do with the fact that we are great litigators.