How do you connect with juries?

Mesa, AZ personal injury attorney Matt Riggs talks about the type of personality that really achieves great results in front of a jury.

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Every trial that I’ve had I’ve tried to poll the jury afterward. And so, let me just tell you what happened after my most recent jury trial. I walked into the jury room and jurors are allowed to stay after trail or they are allowed to leave. They don’t have to stay around and talk to the attorneys. And so only four or five of the jurors stayed after this particular trial and I went in with opposing counsel, the attorney that was representing the insurance company or the defendant in the case. And the jury talked a lot about how animated he was and how entertaining he was and he couldn’t figure out how he lost the case. He started asking them about some of the evidentiary issues that he brought up in trial and they didn’t seem to remember them they were so entertained by him.

And then I said, ‘Well, you’re so complimentary of this gentleman over here, how about me?” And they said, “You know, you reminded us a lot of Jimmy Stewart.” And I said, “Well, you know it could be worse.” It seems that from the very beginning of the case I earned their trust. They felt like they could believe me. The other man was a salesman and I was telling the truth. One of the things that you cannot do in front of a jury is be somebody that you’re not. And the jury sees through people who are acting. Some clients want actors, great actors but great actors don’t get great results. What gets results is when the jury knows you are honest and that’s something that the jury sees from the second they step in the courtroom and you start doing voir dire and they know from that very moment on who’s honest and who’s there to just tell a story.