Case Results: School Liability

Mesa, AZ personal injury attorney Matt Riggs talks about a case that took place at a school and his client who was highly injured.

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Everybody loves schools and everybody loves teachers and so do we. Every once in a while, something happens on school property where someone is negligent and somebody’s injured. There was one case that happened some years ago where there was a sweet mom who went to a high school pep assembly because her son was about to sing to a girl he was going to ask to a homecoming date. And so, she was sitting at the front of an auditorium, there was a class competition going on during part of the pep assembly where each class had to take a tackling dummy from the back of the auditorium and see who could pass it the fastest to the front of the auditorium and they scored points in a competition that they were doing against classes.

Well, one of the classes were behind, was behind and so they took the tackling dummy and threw it to the front of the auditorium but it went off track and it hit my client in the back of the head and it broke her neck. And because of that, we had to file a notice of claim against the school district and because we weren’t able to settle the case outside of litigation, we filed a lawsuit against that school district. And eventually, the case just before trial we were able to get the case resolved through a mediation for a lot of money for our client.