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This compilation video features personal injury attorney Gary A. Porter as he talks about his experience and his enjoyment for practicing law.

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I had a mentor when I was young, probably in my late teens, early 20s who worked as an attorney for El Paso Gas & Oil over in Odessa, Texas. And he had a great influence upon me to become a lawyer. It’s something that I was intrigued with. I wanted to challenge myself intellectually, work hard throughout my career, and the legal field really appealed to me and I have loved every minute of my 25-year career.

Being prepared, working hard, paying attention to the details, also seeing the big picture, understanding that I have been hired by somebody who’s had trouble and I work for them. I’m their attorney, I’m their lawyer. Those philosophies really do guide me in what I’m doing.

I’ve represented Spanish speaking clients for 25 years. I learned Spanish as a young missionary down in Concepcion, Chili and I have been able to use that language in many facets of the law. Primarily in auto accidents as well. I have a good-sized clientele that speaks Spanish. The Latin community here in the Valley is growing and continues to grow. These people bring a lot to our economy, a lot to our culture, our community and it’s a real joy for me to represent them in the different issues and things that they have.

I have over 25 years of practical experience as an attorney practicing primarily in the personal injury arena. I have done some wills and trusts as well throughout the years and was mentored by a couple of different excellent lawyers throughout the years in both of those areas.

Another way to answer that question is my experience of how I’ve enjoyed practicing law. This has been a career that has been very enjoyable, very rewarding, and my experience in meeting with clients, evaluating their needs, seeing the issues that they have dealt with after they’ve experienced a very difficult injury or an accident has been very rewarding. And then, using the strategies available and the hard work available to be able to really represent them well. It has been a very enjoyable and a rewarding career thus far and will be for years to come.