What's your experience as a lawyer?

Mesa, AZ personal injury attorney Gary A. Porter talks about his experience as a lawyer.

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I have over 25 years of practical experience as an attorney practicing primarily in the personal injury arena. I have done some wills and trusts as well throughout the years and was mentored by a couple of different excellent lawyers throughout the years in both of those areas.

Another way to answer that question is my experience of how I’ve enjoyed practicing law. This has been a career that has been very enjoyable, very rewarding, and my experience in meeting with clients, evaluating their needs, seeing the issues that they have dealt with after they’ve experienced a very difficult injury or an accident has been very rewarding. And then, using the strategies available and the hard work available to be able to really represent them well. It has been a very enjoyable and a rewarding career thus far and will be for years to come.