Case Results: Construction Accidents

Mesa, AZ personal injury attorney Gary A. Porter talks about a specific case involving a man who was severely injured on a construction site.

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There was one that was a Spanish speaking client years ago. He was a stucco guy and the scaffolding on a job was set up by another company that came in and set up the scaffolding on this job. And the scaffolding was not set up properly and he did take a pretty good fall. He lost his sense of smell, his sense of hearing, had some head injuries, fractures in his skull, those types of things. That was a case that you have to look at everything that happens on the construction site. Oftentimes those become just worker’s compensation type of cases but you have to look at what company set up the scaffolding was it the same company that this gentleman worked for or somebody else that came in? And it was somebody else that came in to set those things up that didn’t do them properly. And we were able to recover a great compensation for him on that case that was a memorable case for a Spanish speaking client of mine.